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Android Automotive on Honda cars from 2022

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Android Automotive on Honda cars from 2022

Google is pushing more and more on the accelerator Android Automotive, an operating system born from a rib of Android (so still open source) that goes deeper than Android Auto (which only takes care of the infotainment system) and integrates perfectly with any onboard instrumentation. In this regard, after announcing the partnership with Ford starting from 2023 and the availability of the OS on the Renault Mégane E-Tech, Google has announced that AAOS will come aboard Honda cars starting from 2022.

This is excellent news for Honda since its vehicles will be able to count not only on a common and open-source platform but also on full access to Google Automotive Services (GAS) and therefore to the Google Play Store with its many applications. (obviously, those designed for driving).

Unfortunately, we still have no information on which models of the Japanese giant the new operating system will arrive.

In addition to infotainment features, such as messaging, navigation, and music playback, the operating system manages vehicle-specific functions such as air conditioning control. However, unlike Android Auto which has a standard graphical interface that is the same for everyone, the AAOS project aims to provide a common code base for vehicle manufacturers who then develop their own version of the operating system.

Although it is based on Android and Google Assistant, iOS users can still connect their iPhones to access Apple CarPlay, ensuring extreme flexibility for everyone.

It is good to specify that AAOS is completely Android. Indeed, as he remembers the same official website: “Android Automotive is not a fork or parallel development of Android. It’s the same codebase and resides in the same Android repository that is provided on phones, tablets, etc. It is based on a robust platform and feature set developed over 10 years, which allows it to leverage the existing security model, compatibility program, developer tools, and infrastructure while still being highly customizable and portable, completely free and open-source “.

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