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Android 12 could be released on October 4th

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Android 12 could be released on October 4th

Android is an Operative system open source and, for this reason, the source code and all its modifications are regularly published and updated. Last week Google released the fifth and final beta of Android 12 (with many new features, some of which are not yet active) and now we are all waiting for the release of the stable version.

Google has not stated anything on the matter at the moment but, according to an internal document obtained from XDA, the Mountain View giant could release the AOSP source code next October 4th, with the update of compatible Pixel smartphones planned at the same time.

The document in question, visible in the tweet below, is intended to inform manufacturers about the deadlines that revolve around the shipment of hardware with software approved by Google, ensuring that the devices do not start with super obsolete versions of the operating system.

The Android 12 stable update may be released on October 4, as that’s when Google plans to release to AOSP. This tentative release date was also mentioned by a 3PL. pic.twitter.com/PMN802gQj0

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) September 12, 2021

Along with these deadlines, the document also mentions AOSP release dates for Android 10, 11, and 12. Interestingly, the AOSP dates for Android 10 and 11 align with the stable release dates of the two updates on Pixel smartphones. And looking further back, the Android 9 AOSP release date also coincides with the stable launch of Android 9.

Taking into account the last 3 years, therefore, it is very likely that the launch of the Android 12 source code coincides with the release of the official update of the Pixel smartphones.

XDA further states that the October 4th date was also independently mentioned by a third-party logistics partner. XDA is usually among the top sources when it comes to rumors about everything related to Android code, so we trust this screenshot is real.

However, we specify it is not clear when exactly the details were obtained and whether they are final or still subject to change. It is possible that Google has decided to release Android 12 on a different date in the meantime, but if nothing has changed and if the screenshot is genuine, the appointment is set for October 4th.

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