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YouTube tests UI changes to increase Shorts views

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YouTube tests UI changes to increase Shorts views

With TikTok which has shown that short-lived videos are one of the most preferred forms of entertainment for people, all the other social networks have adapted by launching, in one form or another, their version. YouTube for example he launched the Shorts but it seems that their popularity is not as high as expected.

It’s only been a few months since the launch but the company is already experimenting with new ways to attract more viewers to watch the Shorts, including the potential replacement of the Chromecast icon in the top bar on YouTube.

In one of the many tests carried out on YouTube, the Cast button is removed from the top section of the app and replaced with a new Shorts icon. In another iteration of the experiment see the Shorts icon tick in the bottom navigation bar where it replaces the Explore tab, which ends up at the top where it could replace the Chromecast icon.

In short, that Cast icon in the top bar may not last long. While some might question the choice of rearranging an app’s navigation just to promote a new service, it makes some sense for YouTube – short video platforms like TikTok seem to be the hot news, and while some people find the tab useful. Explore, there are many that never open it.

Even the test that deactivates the Chromecast icon and replaces it with Shorts is justifiable: people now know how to cast and the icon does not need to be visible until you go to watch a specific video (the icon within the videos would clearly remain in place).

Right now it is difficult to say what will be the final form that the YouTube app UI will take, as the tests are many and clearly many are incompatible with each other.

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