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YouTube Introduces New Features to End Rude Comments

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YouTube Introduces New Features to End Rude Comments

One of the most disgusting parts of Internet services is undoubtedly the YouTube comment section, often filled with completely ignorant and aggressive comments towards other users. Google has made efforts to improve the quality of the experience on its platform, and today the company announced its latest attempt to “cool down”: a reminder in the Android app to reconsider posting the comment if it appears to contain disrespectful material.

The announcement arrived on the YouTube community help forum, where the change is described. In short, if a comment posted by the YouTube app for Android contains offensive material based on a quick analysis, you will receive a popup asking if you are absolutely sure you want to post the comment.

It is therefore not an aggressive moderation system, as you can choose to post the comment anyway in the event that offensive content has been detected by mistake (or simply if you choose to be an idiot on the Internet).

YouTube preventing hate comments

As you can see from the screenshot above, YouTube also provides a link to report any “false positives” that triggered the algorithm. However, relying on a machine learning system, it is hoped that over time it will become more and more able to recognize inappropriate material.

Today’s change to promote better quality comments is part of a greater effort to make YouTube a more inclusive platform and promote diversity by reducing harmful and hateful content. Will he succeed? We’ll see.

Before leaving you, we want to remind you that YouTube has made the “Premiere” more engaging with these 3 new features.

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